Energy Careers - Harley's Sunbelt Story

My Sunbelt Story

Harley Harris, Control Product Engineer

As part of our series showcasing the amazing team-mates in our Energy Solutions business, today we hear from Harley who is one of our Control Product Engineers.

Harley joined Sunbelt Rentals in July 2023 following his apprenticeship in Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration.

After completing his apprenticeship Harley spent 5 years gaining experience in the HVAC industry and developing his skills and knowledge in a specialist area.

So, when the opportunity arose to join Sunbelt and start up the HVAC sector he was keen to take on the project at hand.

My Job has a lot of variation!

“Luckily, my job is varied, so I get to use my skills in different ways every day. One day you could be based at an NHS site and the next a Film and TV studio. Most of the time, I'm out on site, dealing with everything from hauling gear to setting it up and making sure it's good to go. I also travel around to Energy depots, testing and prepping equipment for rent, and helping with repairs.

In the HVAC team, we've got a bunch of skills and know-how. We're moving fast and putting in the effort to grow this part of the business. Everyone on the team chips in, no matter how big or small the task. We've got a good vibe, working together smoothly, and building strong connections.”.

The training and development opportunities is one of the main reasons why I joined Sunbelt.

“I have strong personal connections with all team members, allowing me to communicate and seek support whenever needed. However, I'm aware of alternative channels available for additional assistance. The company's emphasis on training and development was a key factor in my decision to join.

Having been part of larger teams in the past, I understand the challenges of obtaining career development and recognition for consistent hard work. In our new and compact team, the growth potential is substantial, and there is a serious commitment to this aspect, as evidenced by dedicated reviews.”

The team is expanding quickly!

“Right now, our big thing is how fast our team is growing. There's a huge demand for what we do, which is great for people looking to prove themselves and move up the career ladder.

Sunbelt offer a great platform to support their employees and the development opportunities to better yourself are always available!

We still have some fantastic opportunities to join the team, check out our current vacancies on our careers site here –  I would love to hear from you!”