Sunbelt Hall of Fame Awards
On 8th June we launched our new Sunbelt Hall of Fame Awards for our team mates.
We believe in our new values, they are not just words on page, our values are our DNA.
The way we think, the way we act and what we do sets the standard. And to prove how important these values are to us we’re going to recognise and reward those amazing teammates who embody these values.
Every month 17 colleagues, two per geographical region and one from our support centre have the opportunity to be recognised each month as one of our ‘Value Champions’ and will receive £100 (after tax) in their pay the month following their win.
The winners from each month will be put forward for the chance to enter our annual award where we will select six teammates to enter our Sunbelt Rentals Hall of Fame. These winners (plus a partner) will receive a holiday of a lifetime to the USA which will include, business class flights, 5* luxury accommodation and a visit to see Sunbelt US in action.
We want to do something special for those that really live our values and this is one of our innovative ways of doing this.
Steve Lynas
HR Director