Our CEO Andy Wright - A leader with a vision
Sit back and relax… After a busy week why not listen to Andy Wright, our CEO in his first ever podcast? Hear his take on the journey we've all been on over the last few months at Sunbelt Rentals.

Listen to the podcast here: https://bit.ly/3d9ZQzD

Andy joined Peter Haddock, on the latest Content With Media 'Podcast With Leadership' Series, sponsored by LiuGong Direct UK. This series is also supported by articles in the print edition of Earthmovers Magazine.

In the podcast Andy talks about how we've re-branded and how our teams have come together to deliver the nationwide NHS testing facilities, his thoughts on how this challenge accelerated the vision of our individual businesses coming together as one, whilst retaining our individual expertise.

Peter says, “This is what leadership is all about, and Andy is certainly a leader with a vision. His next task is to deliver the total site solutions for customers that differentiate the business from competitors, as well as his vision for a more productive, efficient and environmentally friendly future to the industry.”